Letter from the Chairman of the OCPM Board of Directors

Dear Supporters of OCPM:

The human touch: a hug, a pat on the back, or a handshake. The human interaction: laughing together, talking together, or crying together. We take them for granted. But there is a group of people in our country who rarely experience these. They might experience the touch of someone’s hand, but it is only to place shackles on them in order to transport them from one dim place to another. It is not a loving hand. It is not a caring hand. It is a hand of a prison officer doing his job. But they are human beings and God loves them like all the rest.

Let us not forget those most often forgotten by society. If you recall the lepers of biblical times, they were the outcasts of society. They had to announce at a distance that they were unclean by shouting out: “Unclean…Unclean!” They too were people who were not experiencing the human touch from another person, that is, until Jesus came along. In His love for all human beings he reached out to touch even the lepers of that time.

We have the wonderful opportunity to truly “touch” some the outcasts of our society today: the precious men and women in prisons and jails across our country. We can touch them through the ministry of OCPM. Please remember this ministry which reaches out with the love and light of Christ to “touch” the lives of those precious souls.

Jesus tells us that when we “touch” those in prison, we have “touched” Him. Recall those words He spoke as He separated His sheep from the goats: “I was in prison and you came to Me” (Matthew 25:36). You can “touch” those in prison through your gift to OCPM. Please be generous as you continue your spiritual journey in the gift of life God has given you.

In Christ,

Eugenia Ordynsky

Chairman of the OCPM Board of Directors

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