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jail Hands Between BarsIn-Prison Ministry

  • Provide Orthodox publications, Bibles, prayer books, icon prayer cards, and catechism courses to those in prison.
  • Link prisoners to Orthodox priests.
  • Provide spiritual guidance and publications to families of people in prison.

Church Outreach and Training

  • Educate and train clergy and laity on prison ministry.
  • Provide ongoing guidance to priests and parishioners on prison ministry.
  • Disseminate publications to churches on prison ministry.


  • Provide guidance people coming out of prison.

As Fr. John said, “We must bring the light of Christ to those in darkness” and “We need to see the things we cannot see, and hear the things we cannot hear.”  To me, this was his overall powerful message. A recurring thought that struck me is that as Orthodox Christians, we need to raise our awareness of people in need, and practice Matthew 25 every day of the year. If we can’t physically visit the prisons, we can minister to people who live in their own “prisons”—one that is not behind bars. – Irene, attendee at an OCPM training