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Thank you for your willingness to invest in this critical ministry of our Church!

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Please make checks out to OCPM and send to:
Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM)
P.O. Box 1597
New York, NY 10025

OCPM is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization; all donations are tax-deductible. This ministry relies on the support of faithful contributors. For added convenience, you can now donate securely online using your credit or debit card or send your donation via postal mail.

Jesus called those people to Himself and He said to them, I was hungry, you fed me, I was sick, you visited me, naked, you clothed me, in prison and you came to me. When? When did we do these things? Jesus answered them and said, when you did it to the least of these my brethren….then you did it to me. It will be these questions we must account for at Christ’s awesome Judgment Seat. We pray for a good account at this time, therefore, I would encourage everyone—those who, like myself, have been in prison, and those who have not been in prison, to become part of this ministry. Have we gone to Jesus in Prison? Or do we stigmatize those who have fallen into sin? Is there anyone who hasn’t fallen into sin? Go to Jesus in prison and talk to Him, let Him know how much God loves Him and the Church is praying for Him. – V.L., attendee at an OCPM training