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Letters From Monk Cosmas:  A compilation of letters written by Monk Cosmas, who currently resides at the Monastery of St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco in Manton, California. These letters were originally written for spiritual friends in prison. Now, he is sharing them with us so that others might benefit from their insight and wisdom.


The Storms of Life with Fr. Stephen

This past year has seen its share of really bad storms hitting various areas of our country. Some of these storms brought horrible devastation to so many, many people. Such storms often bring to mind [...]

“ The Meal” By: James (Seraphim) Blackstock

Every Year our ministry caters in a meal to the men at Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach. It usually coincides with the Feasts of Pascha or The Nativity but due to circumstances beyond our control this year, it had to be delayed until August 12th.

From Behind the Desk to Behind Bars

It was a cold and rainy Thursday morning when I met Father Nicholas Solak at St. Vladimir’s Seminary. I had traveled to the seminary to make my first visit to a jail. Fr Nicholas introduced me to the group...

A Life Transformed

After 15 years in federal prison—including 22 hour-a-day lockdowns at Supermax facilities—Clark Porter achieved what was once unimaginable: a scholarship to Washington University, two university degrees, a full-time position with the US District Court, and [...]