Thoughts From Fr. Stephen

//Thoughts From Fr. Stephen

Every month we will post a new article here straight from Fr. Stephen.

1811, 2016

Message for Advent from Fr. Stephen

The Icon depicted is called: St. Basil, Protector of the Poor My travels often take me to downtown areas in big cities.  Walking around the streets brings me face to face with many poor and [...]

1310, 2016

Paradise and Hell

Saint Paisios of Athos tells a story about God revealing Paradise and Hell to a simple man (perhaps the saint himself). Here’s the story: “Well, one night while he was asleep, he heard a voice [...]

1409, 2016


By Fr. Stephen Powley During my years of being a prison chaplain I met many, many men who had mocked God. At that time they seemed to take delight in making fun of anything Holy. [...]

1008, 2016

Loving someone…because He loved us first!

Loving someone…because He loved us first! A dear sister in Christ shared the following story with me and gave her permission to share it with you. May we learn to love others, because it is [...]

3006, 2016

Celebrating Freedom…but are we really free?

"I am freer here in prison than I was ever on the outside!" Over many years of being a prison chaplain, I have heard that statement countless times. How could that possibly be? How could [...]

906, 2016

The Image of God in Everyone

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I share with you my absolute darkest moment of being a Prison Chaplain. It also was the very turning point of my life and ministry with the men put under my pastoral care. [...]