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1008, 2016

Loving someone…because He loved us first!

Loving someone…because He loved us first! A dear sister in Christ shared the following story with me and gave her permission to share it with you. May we learn to love others, because it is [...]

3006, 2016

Celebrating Freedom…but are we really free?

"I am freer here in prison than I was ever on the outside!" Over many years of being a prison chaplain, I have heard that statement countless times. How could that possibly be? How could [...]

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I did a lot of reading, I would read an hour of an Orthodox book and then an hour of the Bible. My goal was to read the Bible in a year and I did. And then I started it over again.”
Clark - Former Prisoner
“Thank you for not forgetting the prisoners. My Dad became a Christian and is a totally different person because of your ministry.”
Amen! Thank God for our priests and volunteers who go into prisons, forging relationships and sharing the love of God in such a powerful way. This is an important push for the rest of us to go do likewise.
Allison - Supporter


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