Moving a Mountain

In the Holy Gospel according to Matthew (Mt 17:14-23), the disciples of the Lord couldn’t help a young boy that had epileptic seizures. They ask Jesus why they couldn’t help and He gives this explanation:...

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Look What I Have Done!

Christ is Risen!! “The passion of pride darkens the soul completely and leads to its utter downfall.” (St. John Cassian, 360 –435). That huge mule deer buck in our photo had absolutely nothing to do...

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Tracks in the Snow

Have you ever gone for a walk right after a snow storm? I recall going for a hike with my dog after it had snowed the day before. We were hiking on the snow.  As I...

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Being Like Cain

“Dog gone it!  I should have won that award not her!”  “Shoot, I don’t understand why people seem to like him more than me!”  “How did that clown get promoted over me?” There is a...

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Fr. Stephen Powley serves as the Director of Training and Spiritual Care for OCPM. He is the Priest at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Pueblo, CO. 

Fr. Stephen began serving as a Prison Chaplain in January of 1985. He has ministered in every prison security level, from minimum to super-max. He eventually retired from Prison Chaplaincy in August of 2010.
 Over those years, Fr. Stephen had the great privilege of being a spectator of many incredible things that God did inside the prisons. He began serving on the OCPM Board of Directors in 2005 and he began working with OCPM following his retirement. Over the years, Fr. Stephen has been the keynote speaker at numerous spiritual retreats and conferences across the nation. He continues to enjoy speaking and educating people from all walks of life, with the goal of inspiring and encouraging people in their Christian faith.


Fr. Stephen resides in Colorado with his loving wife of 44 plus years, Presvytera Ashley. They have four wonderful children, two wonderful sons-in-law, one wonderful daughter-in-law, and four wonderful grandchildren. In his free time, Fr. Stephen loves mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing. Before he went to seminary, he was a Smokejumper for the Forest Service, parachuting into wilderness areas to fight forest fires. Some have suggested a few bad landings on his head may have influenced his decision to become a Prison Chaplain. (He would prefer to think it was the guidance of the Lord.)