For People in Prison

OCPM is committed to longterm relationships, meeting the needs of our incarcerated brothers and sisters while inside the prison system and after his or her release.

No Person in Prison is Left Alone

Relationship Management

While people in prison have many spiritual and emotional needs, there is perhaps no greater need than having a consistent, loving, Christian presence in their lives. Many inmates lack a human embodiment of the unconditional love of Christ. For this reason, OCPM leverages our Correspondence Ministry to maintain prisoners  as they move from jail to prison, across multiple prison moves, and even after their release.

Our approach is unique, developing relationships with people in prison over months, years, or even decades in order to see them grow spiritually in the long term. By maintaining relationships with Orthodox and non-Orthodox prisoners, OCPM is then able to refer local priests and lay-people for in person visitation and, after release, integration into supportive parish communities. 

David C. Patton Correspondence Ministry

Visit by Mail

Our correspondence ministry was begun by Father Duane Pederson and the letters are known as a “visit-by-mail.”  Due to David C. Patton’s long-time contribution to the correspondence ministry through the mailing of his publication, Dynamis, to people in prison and a generous grant from the Dynamis Foundation, this aspect of OCPM’s ministry is now known as the David C. Patton Correspondence Ministry.

We Respond to Every Letter

OCPM sends thousands of personalized letters known as “visit by mail” that directly address each person in prison’s unique situation and spiritual needs. In addition to letters, OCPM also sends Bibles, spiritual books, icons, pamphlets, and the Dynamis newsletter. We understand prisons have various and stringent rules for mail, so OCPM is careful that all of our materials adhere to these guidelines.

For people in prison wishing to correspond with us, please reach us at: 

276 5th Avenue
Suite 704 – 3036 
New York, NY 10001

Dynamis Newsletter

The Dynamis monthly newsletter provides meditations on the daily Bible readings of the Orthodox Church.

Icons and Spiritual Books

OCPM publishes spiritual books and icons specifically designed to be used in prisons. We freely send our publications to any prisoner and they are available for purchase at our bookstore.

Wanting to Get Involved?

Do you know someone in prison who would like to correspond with us? Or would you like to your parish involved with prison ministry? Reach out to us and discover how your church can be participate in this ministry.

Learn the faith

Orthodox Catechism and Education

Self-Directed Study Course

OCPM offers a 12-part course of study in Orthodox Christian theology as an introduction to the Orthodox Faith and preparation for Baptism and Chrismation. Each course uses materials published by OCPM, which we send freely to anyone in prison wishing to enroll. 

Part 1: A Seeker of Truth, Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Part 2: The Preaching of the Apostles, Saint Irenaeus

Part 3: Orthodox Christian Catechism

Part 4: Study of the Great Feasts

Part 5: An Introduction to the Ecumenical Councils

Part 6: A Treatise to Prove that No One Can Harm the Man Who Does Not Injure Himself

Part 7: Orthodox Faith (4 vol. set)

Part 8: Liturgy & Scripture

Part 9: The Book of Job

Part 10: The Book of Isaiah

Part 11: The Book of Hebrews

Part 12: Challenges of Orthodox Thought & Life

St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology

OCPM is honored to be in partnership with the St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology, an academic community of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. Students who are ready to take their education and their faith to the next level can earn a certificate in Orthodox Theology entirely from prison. 

ready to enroll?

If you or someone you know is ready to enroll in our education offerings, contact us directly so we can get you started. 

All courses and course materials are entirely free to anyone in prison, and you can enroll at any time.

Thank you for helping me to find the true Church. When I parole, I will find an Orthodox parish church to continue my Christian journey. I have finally found what I have been searching for my entire life.

Find Your Community

Re-entry and Parish Integration

We understand being released from prison comes with its own set of struggles. We believe the high recidivism rate in the United States, the percentage of prisoners who return to prison after the end of their first sentence, is a result of so many prisoners being left alone after their release. This is why OCPM maintains relationships with prisoners often long after his or her release. Each prisoner’s Case Manager works directly with him or her to help navigate the obstacles of daily life after re-entry. 

Finally, the Case Manager will seek out and train local parishes to insure as smooth a transition as possible into a new home parish. 

Stories from Prison

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