Coaching and Training

As the national prison ministry of the Orthodox Church in the United States, OCPM trains and inspires churches and communities —inside and outside of prison— to support the restoration of those affected by incarceration. We collaborate with churches and local service providers to support former prisoners, their families, and their communities.

Coaching For Situational Needs

For Clergy

Do you have a parishioner or spiritual child prison? Or need assistance to be able to administer the sacraments to someone you know is in prison? Our staff have decades of experience and would love to walk alongside you in this important work. We can also support your ministry through our relationship managers.

Please contact us for a consultation or ongoing coaching.

For Family and Loved Ones

We understand tragedies happen. Do you have a loved one who just got arrested or is newly incarcerated? Have you been supporting someone in prison, but have received no support for yourself? Please reach out to us.


Support for Your Local Ministry

What is the difference between volunteering in jail and volunteering in a prison? Where is the closest prison to my church? Who do I need to contact first?

Starting or furthering your ministry often comes with a lot of questions. Filling out our Volunteer Application will put you in direct contact with our Church Programs Manager to help you discern how your church can best serve those in prison near you.

Request a Speaker

One of the best ways to get yourself or your parish involved in prison ministry is to book a speaker from OCPM to teach you how you can begin serving prisoners near you right now. Our chaplains and speakers have decades of experience in prisons at every security level and are available for virtual and in-person seminars.