Fr. Stephen Powley and Fr. John Kowalczyk Visit St. Tikhon’s Seminary to Present OCPM & Minister

Every year, OCPM Fr. Stephen Powley and Fr. John Kowalczyk make a trip to St. Tikhon’s Seminary. This year Fr. Stephen was able to visit with his wife, Ashley. As always, it was reported that their “hospitality was beyond words” as they were kindly provided a room and meals. This year, the visit took place […]

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Letter from the Chairman of the OCPM Board of Directors

Dear Supporters of OCPM: The human touch: a hug, a pat on the back, or a handshake. The human interaction: laughing together, talking together, or crying together. We take them for granted. But there is a group of people in our country who rarely experience these. They might experience the touch of someone’s hand, but […]