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Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry Board of Trustees Meet for First In-Person Meeting Since the Pandemic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Inquiries: Amal Morcos (973-714-0510) (Denver, CO: August 23, 2021) Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM), the national prison ministry of the Orthodox Church, recently concluded its first in-person meeting of its Board of Trustees since the outbreak of the pandemic. The Board of Trustees met in Denver, CO. “It was rewarding to […]


Where is Your Focus in the Storm?

Whenever I read the story of Jesus walking on the water in Matthew 14:22-33, I am reminded of my adventures crewing on a 41-foot ketch sailboat in the Pacific Ocean. The Gospel story takes place during the 4th watch of the night which is from 3:00-6:00 a.m. This was my night watch on the sailboat. […]