Why Peter and Christina are part of Matthew 25:36 Fellowship

When Peter and Christina became Orthodox a few years ago, they brought over an element of their Protestant upbringing: they are committed to tithing. Peter and Christina, who are in their mid-thirties with three young children and one on the way, tithe 10% of their income to their local Orthodox parish in California. Beyond that, they also find a way to support various Orthodox ministries, including Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM).

Peter and Christina are part of OCPM’s Matthew 25:36 Fellowship, a community of monthly donors who form the bedrock of annual support for the prison ministry by committing to giving at least $25.36 per month.

With more than two million men and women incarcerated in America, like many of us, Peter and Christina have known people whose lives are affected by the incarceration of a loved one.

“When I read OCPM’s stories about prisoners I think, ‘that is someone’s father or someone’s daughter,’” says Christina.“Whether they are serving sentences that are just or unjust, they deserve love. It is gratifying to know that we can participate in visiting prisoners through the Matthew 25:36 Fellowship and that our Orthodox theology has the power to truly heal.”

Peter and Christina chose to become monthly donors because they know that monthly giving is an effective way to donate. OCPM relies on the Matthew 25:36 Fellowship day in and day out. It helps to budget and forecast programs.

“God has blessed us so much, we’re grateful to be able to share a little with OCPM so that our brothers and sisters in prison can experience the community of the Church that we experience in our parish life,” says Peter.

For more information about OCPM’s Matthew 25:36 Fellowship, click here.

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