Our Deepest Gratitude: Thank You to Supporters on GivingTuesday

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When Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry (OCPM) announced its 2022 GivingTuesday campaign in honor of the new Storybook Connections program, which sends storybooks to children read and recorded by his or her parent in prison, there was a lot of initial excitement. But no one could have guessed how many people would commit to supporting this ministry on GivingTuesday. When OCPM set a high goal of raising $30,000 in one day, donors went above and beyond the call to instead raise a total of $40,837. 

OCPM would like to send our deepest appreciation to everyone who offered their donations on GivingTuesday in support of families in the U.S. prison system, especially the generous donor whose donation match made much of this support possible. 

Looking now toward the future of Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry, GivingTuesday was truly a turning point. Parishioners all across the United States should look for more and more new ministry opportunities, like Storybook Connections, to help connect their churches to our incarcerated brothers and sisters in Christ.