Serving Together

To continue serving people in prison across the country, we need to work together. Read about the many ways you can help your church parish get involved in the work of OCPM, and fill out our Volunteer Application below to get started.

Pray for Those in Prison

The Best Place to Start Your Ministry

Start helping right away by adding all those in prison to your daily prayers. Pray for the 2 MILLION incarcerated people in this country. Pray for the families of incarcerated people. Pray for the families of victims, for prison staff, for prison chaplains and volunteers. In the words of on of our colleagues, “Our ministry will mean nothing until prisoners are in our hearts.”


Learn More and Build Awareness in Your Community

Advocate Toolkit

Our curated list of resources to further understand the need for prison ministry and gain an overview of the work of OCPM.

Sunday School Lesson

A print-ready PDF lesson for your Sunday school classroom or children’s ministry program to learn more about prison ministry and design a postcard to send to prisoners near you.

Host a Speaker from OCPM

One of the best ways to educate your parish in prison ministry is to host a speaker from OCPM to teach your church how you can begin serving prisoners near you right now. Our chaplains and speakers have decades of experience in prisons at every security level and are available for virtual and in-person seminars. 


Reach Out to Those in Prison from Home or Church

Thank you for the mail, the prayers, the beautiful pictures. Many months the only mail I receive is from you.

From a Prisoner in Texas

Holiday Greeting Cards

Holiday seasons for incarcerated individuals can be particularly lonely. You can help make a difference during the holidays by sending Christmas or Easter greeting cards.

Postcards and Letters

Show those in prison they are not forgotten by sending simple letters or postcards.

Become a Certified Penpal

Join the Correspondence Ministry by becoming an OCPM Penpal and exchange personalized letters with someone in prison over a long period of time together.


Volunteer in a Prison Near You

Do You Feel Called to Go into Prison?

We will train you and connect you with nearby prison staff and volunteers to help you begin your own local prison ministry, and we are always available for coaching and counseling to sustain your ministry along the way.


Become a Financial Partner

Join the Movement

Would you prayerfully consider joining our community of monthly donors as a parish? Adding prison ministry as a line item in your parish budget supports prisoners not only near you, but all across the country.


Are You Ready to Serve?

Share Your Ideas

Do you see other needs your community could meet? Contact us and tell us more about your church’s particular interests or questions. We would love to talk with you!