National Bureau of Justice Statistics

According to the National Bureau of Justice Statistics:

One in 32 adults, or about 3.1 percent of U.S. adult residents, was under correctional supervision at year end 2009!  In 2007, there were 1,706,600 minor children left behind when a parent was incarcerated!

How OCPM Responds:

OCPM reaches out to thousands of people in prisons across the USA, bringing the Hope of Forgiveness and Reconciliation to families. Many of the men and women whose lives have been touched by OCPM are now out of prison and leading productive, Christ-centered lives as active members of their local parishes. There are currently over 300 Orthodox Catechumens in jails and prisons across America. Five men have been tonsured Orthodox monks in prison and several others have become Iconographers. OCPM has published 8 books and distributed more than one million copies to prisons. Over two million icon prayer cards have been printed and distributed free of charge to people in prison. OCPM ministers monthly to more than 300 homeless and needy people, including families of those in prison, with clothing, food, and material aid. OCPM sends more than 5,000 personal letters to those in prison each year offering them spiritual guidance and hope. By your prayers and support a child may smile again.

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