“Time Waits For No Man”

“Time waits for no man!”  This quote is attributed to Jeffery Chaucer back in the 1300’s and has been popular throughout the centuries ever since. It almost seems “other-worldly” to be writing about the year 2018.  Where have the years gone?  They have slipped away like sand through our fingers…we could not stop the onward march of time.  Even as I write this, the seconds on the clock tick away, never to be lived again.

We have to come face to face with this matter of time in order to be inspired to live in the moment.  I believe that is what St. Paul had in mind when he wrote: “Today is the day of salvation!”  Life truly is neither about our successes or failures of the past nor about our dreams of success in the future.  Life is this moment we live in…the decisions we make…the words that come out of our mouth…the path we choose on any given day.  

2017 was a good year for OCPM and we thank God for His blessings.  But, we cannot rest on the past.  2018 is upon us and each moment of each day is a precious gift from God.  May we live each moment in a way pleasing to God.  

How do we please God moment by moment?  That question was asked of St. Anthony the Great and he gave an answer for each of us to consider and apply to our lives:  Abba Anthony replied, “Whoever you are, always have God present before your eyes. Whatever you do, do it according to the guidance of the Holy Scriptures. In whatever place you live, do not easily leave it. Keep these three precepts…”

As we live each moment of 2018, may we do our best to apply these 3 points:  1) Begin each day with prayer and please remember to ask God to be with those precious souls in prison (you can use the Jesus Prayer with your prayer rope for this: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on those men and women in prison.”).  2) Begin each day with reading the Holy Scriptures, looking for applications to use in the moments your life of that day.  3) Apply this final thought to your own life in your Church: Be faithful to your Church with your attendance and participation in a Sacramental life. Be faithful with the six things our Lord calls us to do in Matthew 25…especially Matthew 25:36. Be faithful with your service, with your support, with your words and actions, and with your love for those who truly need your help.

Time may not wait for any man, but thankfully, we have each moment of each day given to us as a precious gift from God.  May 2018 find us pleasing God in those moments. With a heart filled with thanksgiving, love, and prayers for each of you in our Lord Jesus Christ,


Fr. Stephen

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